Tesla Inventions: book Babylon's Banksters: The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion Paperback

by Ven

Is there a grand conspiracy of the Bankers and Corporations to suppress great inventors and scientists like Nikola Tesla?

This book explores the sinister history of private banking and its role in our governments and societies throughout time. Maybe Nikola Tesla was a victim of more than his own unfortunate luck when he died a destitute man?

If you love a good story of conspiracy or dark physics that might be true, then you will love Babylon's Banksters. Author Joe Farrell has written this highly acclaimed story of money, and how it may have shaped our human history in perverse ways.

The many reviews of this popular book are widely positive and find this to be one of Farrell's best works. While this book is not specifically about Tesla or any other scientist, it certainly speaks to the difficulty that these great inventors have had historically in changing a world entrenched with financial corruption.

Maybe this is the book we all need to read in order to make us STOP AND THINK about who is really in control.

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