Tesla Inventions: book Building the Tesla Turbine Paperback

by Ven

Would you like to build a Tesla turbine? This 48 page guide will lead you through the process step-by-step in a way that is both basic and easy to understand. Much of this guidance is provided by Tesla himself using his past discussions of the turbine's capabilities.

The illustrations include original and complete blueprints for construction of the device, and the finished device will provide a small but working turbine that will spin up to 5000 rpm.

Get out you machine tools and get started today. With your lathe, saws, drill press and hand tools, you too can build a Tesla turbine using the detailed instructions and images in this book.

As you build, you will learn and experience experimentation like Tesla himself experienced years back. I recommend this book as a project guide for children in school or for hobbyist as an amazing learning tool.

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