Tesla Inventions: book Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World Paperback

by Ven

The race to win the commercialization of electricity was intense and left several men's careers in the behind in the dust including Nikola Tesla and to some extent Thomas Edison.

Empires of Light by Jill Jonnes examines each side of this historical tale that changed our world and led to the 2nd industrial revolution and many new changes and inventions.

Capitalism, greed, and morality are all part of this historical record of life and fact that shaped our world. Historian Jonnes provides a 464 page record of this era including many never before seen photographs.

This is a war of men, a war of capitalism and a war of law: Edison vs. Tesla vs. Westinghouse. Many patents were involved and many inventors rights and concepts were at stake.

The approach taken by Jonnes focuses on all aspects including the engineering, the effects on society, and the money involved.

This is a great read if you are interested in the battle that inventors can face to make the most of their ideas.

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