Tesla Inventions: book My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla Paperback

by Ven

No better way to get the scoop on a great man than by his own autobiography. This controversial version of "My Inventions" will give you that directly from Nikola Tesla, or WILL IT?.

You be the JUDGE of whether this version of Tesla's autobiography, allegedly discovered in a used bookstore in 1994, is the real deal. Like Tesla's life, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

If you are one who likes to THINK BIG, then you will enjoy learning about the life of Tesla through his own words, and this book provides an easy and quick 96 page introduction. You will experience the ups and downs of life in the fast lane as an inventor.

If your like me and don't always have time to read a 400 page thesis, then this is a good start on learning about Tesla's life and ideas. Many have found this edition of his autobiography to hit the spot as a good quick read.

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