Tesla Inventions: book Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla Paperback

by Ven

Author John O'Neil get high marks for his understanding and writing about the life of Nikola Tesla. One review says that Tesla himself testified as to how well O'Neil understood his mind. Thus, who better to convey why Tesla could become a millionaire and then die nearly broke; change the world, yet be disappointed in his results.

Because O'Neil knew Tesla, this book offers a particularly authoritative view and provides a fascinating look into the life of a great genius. If you can only choose one book to read about Tesla, this may very well be your best choice to get a true understanding.

As others have said in the many reviews, this is the "real" story, this is the "fans" book, and this is the "answer" to your questions about Tesla.

Give this book a read and it may very well have a profound influence on your thinking about our ability to control our world and how new and greater discoveries might still be lurking to be disclosed when another great mind comes along in our future.

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