Tesla Inventions: book Tesla : The Lost Inventions Paperback

by Ven

With hundreds of inventions and patents, no one can deny that Tesla was an inventing machine. However, as unbelievable as it is, some of Tesla's invention were hidden for a time. This book now exposes some those secrets. Not everything in this book is new to us, but everything is educational and informative.

This is a condensed compilation at a very reasonable price that is most useful as a primer and introduction to Tesla's many inventions.

For example, this book includes many rich illustrations. Over 40 drawings show gems like the disk turbine, Tesla coil, magnifying transmitter, free-energy receiver, and wireless power.

Study with Tesla to get a better understanding of everyday technologies that we take for granted such as electricity. And if you love reviewing old patents that laid the groundwork for many breakthroughs to come, you will enjoy this version of Tesla's work.

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