Tesla Inventions: book The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla (Lost Science (Adventures Unlimited Press)) Paperback

by Ven

One of the best ways to study Tesla's work is through reviewing his various patents and writings. This collection is very well received and has been created to be enjoyable to read.

Do you want to learn about anti-gravity theories or other radical concepts? This collection will provide you with information on these ideas from Tesla's original papers. It's amazing to think that he foresaw technologies such as wireless communications and death rays.

After you read about Tesla's life and history, then pick up this collection to compliment his biography with an overview of much of his work. This book will also explore many of the more controversial ideas and associations made with Tesla. Far-fetched thoughts about UFO's, Mars, etc. are covered.

Finally, if you are an electrical engineer, you will be fascinated by the patents and writings covered in some detail in this book about Tesla's work with alternate currents of high potential and frequency.

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