Tesla Inventions: book The Problem of Increasing Human Energy Paperback

by Ven

Click to buy The Problem of Increasing Human Energy <b>Paperback</b> from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!The Problem of Increasing Human Energy Paperback

Written by Nikola Tesla himself, this book provides Tesla's theories on how our human population can survive with our expanding use of resources. How do we maximize our time here? Is everything that really matters connected to our energy usage?

If you are interested in problems like overpopulation, global warming, or overuse of our earth's resources, then you will find this short 84 page book a good starting point for exposing you mind to interesting ideas and inspiring solutions to massive problems.

This book is deep and mystical in some respects and might require studying Tesla's life further to completely understand his process of thinking and his depth as a person.

One thing this book certainly represents is a willingness for Tesla to share his thoughts and to open his mind to others in sincere hope of helping our world through his discoveries. Ultimately, Tesla may have been trying to be a great humanitarian by saving us all from our own human tragedy.

Leave it to Tesla to find true happiness and survival for all of us within the confines of mathematics and formulas. In some ways, reading a book like this by Tesla is like climbing into a time machine in which a great scientist transports us from his time to ours and beyond.

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