Tesla Inventions: book The Secret of Nikola Tesla - The Movie (UFO TV Special Edition)

by Ven

Get the low down of UFOs and Nikola Tesla in this made for TV special DVD movie. This recent 2007 video exposes what the life of Tesla was like being such an unusual and brilliant person. While so many before have had closed minds, this movie will open your mind to the possibilities.

If you have heard about Tesla or seen other movies such as "The Prestige" that mention him, you will want to see this movie to learn more about his fascinating inventions and ideas.

This movie is not a high budget Hollywood show stopper or sci-fi thriller. Instead, it uses a great cast and good acting to take you inside the mind of a scientific legend, which in and of itself is enthralling and extremely interesting.

Throughout this movie, you will be emotionally challenged by the turmoil of Tesla's life and intellectually challenged by his ideas.

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