Tesla Inventions: book The Tesla Papers Paperback

by Ven

This is The Tesla Papers written by Tesla himself and then improved by expert editor David Hatcher Childress. As a result of the editorial, various comments provide information to fill in gaps and provid valuable insight.

This compilation organizes Tesla's information to focus on some of his most important and influential work in a way that is well-organized. The sections will guide you to the features of Tesla's papers that are of most interest to you.

You will also be delighted to find that FBI files and trial documents with Marconi are also included for additional insight and information.

Personally, I love the cover with Tesla appearing to be electrified. Some of his experiments endangered city blocks, and it's only fitting that Tesla be portrayed in this way. Free you mind and delve into Nikola's life and theories on free energy and wireless power transmission.

Wouldn't be nice if we didn't have all of those ugly power lines in the neighborhood. Oh well, at least we don't have to carry our IPads around with a long coax cable attached.

Thank you for free energy Mr. Tesla.

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