Tesla Inventions: book The ULTIMATE Tesla Coil Design and Construction Guide Paperback

by Ven

This book by Mitch Tilbury is a construction guide for the Tesla Coil. The book claims to be the ultimate guide and the high reviews by engineers indicate that it is indeed detailed.

This book goes into the exact mathematical formulas needed to build the perfect Tesla Coil. If you consider yourself to be more than just a hobbyist and a true Tesla aficionado, then you should definitely add this book to your library.

It is 413 pages of details for building a Tesla coil. The coil will allow you to produce high voltage, low current, high frequency alternating current electricity. You can then use the coil to conduct experiments like Tesla in x-ray production, electro-therapy, alternate current theory, and electrical lighting.

So, if you are ready to transmit electricity without wires to light up your block, get started now by purchasing this book.

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