Tesla Inventions: LEGO MindStorms 3804 RCX Robotics Invention System 2.0

by Ven

LEGOs are fun and can help turn your young gun, age 12 and up, into the next great inventor. Just as Nikola Tesla experimented in ROBOTICS so can you.

Build a robot according to your specifications and make it perform by programming it using your computer. This educational activity teaches creativity, engineering, experimentation, and perseverance. Hardly any other children's activity can have such an educational impact.

Don't waste time with cheap science kits that only offer predetermined tasks. Instead stretch your mind and truly create something of your very own with a Lego Mindstorms invention system.

You will never get bored as the kit is infinitely expandable from the initial 718 pieces with more blocks, sensors, motors, and other components.

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