Tesla Inventions: LEGO MindStorms Exploration Mars Robotics Invention System Expansion Set

by Ven

This LEGO Invention Set will allow young cadets to dream about travel to Mars.

Inspiration is the mother of invention. Just as Nikola Tesla worked to make anti-gravity propulsion a reality for space travel, you too can dream about what intergalactic travel would be like while working on this Mars Rover invention kit.

Robotics teaches advanced engineering and creativity. Everything from mechanical engineering to computer science is put to use in these advanced LEGO kits. The critical thinking skills to successfully build your robot will develop expertise and knowledge to last a lifetime.

LEGO provides amazing quality and advanced technology at an affordable price. Put your skills to work today building and programming your very own Mars Rover with remote control camera and everything needed to discover what it's like to explore distant planets.

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