Tesla Inventions: Nikola Tesla: The European Years (Men's Culture and History) Kindle Edition

by Ven

This book is a revised look at the life of Nikola Tesla and provides details into the reasons for his decision to leave Europe and come to the United States.

As a result of his move, much of Tesla's work is attributed as being American inventions, and many of his ideas, such as radio and commercial electricity, were fully developed and built up in the U.S.

Despite his move to America, Tesla still had connections to Serbia and the details are portrayed in this book to give a fresh and full accounting of his mentality toward all things. While focused on his European roots, the book still covers his inventions including alternating currents, the Tesla coil, and the fluorescent light.

This is a worthy new and revised look by D. Mrkich, author, at the life of this great inventor.

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