Tesla Inventions: product Electrostatic Generator 200,000V

by Ven

Amaze yourself with lighting created in your own room at school, work or home. This device, known as the Van de Graff device, will provide a SHOCKING show.

Despite the 200,000 volts of static electricity pumped out, the device is surprisingly safe to experiment with because of the low-amp electricity. Despite the safety, the device is extremely fun to use. It will make your hair stand up and applaud, and it's nice to show friends or get a laugh by sharing some static electricity with the house cat.

The instruction book that is included will give you even more great ideas for experimenting and learning about electricity, just as Nikola Tesla did many years ago. Try out the St. Elmos fire or electrostatic repulsion to name a few of these experiments.

WATCH THE SPARKS FLY up to 45 cm high. Ven highly recommends the electrostatic generator for sparking some high-flying scientific discussion.

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