Tesla Inventions: product Tesla Coil High Frequency: Neon Lamp

by Ven

Click to buy Tesla Coil High Frequency: Neon Lamp from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon! Tesla Coil High Frequency: Neon Lamp

This high frequency plasma tube neon lamp will make your Tesla coil give a beautiful light display. Without any wires, electricity will be transmitted straight through space. How awesome and fun!

Get your new neon lamp today and make your 500,000 volts shine. Hard to believe that a small lamp weighing only 8 ounces can be a safe source of such high voltage. Unlike me, Nikola Tesla was not afraid to play with electricity. And, thank goodness, because his experiments and fooling around with high voltage led to the invention of useful devices like the common radio.

This lamp will display the ability to transmit a wave frequency through space, which will go a long way to understanding how transmission of radio waves and other technologies like that work.

These lamps are fairly inexpensive too, so if the cat breaks it (I know you want to try it!), then it won't cost too much to replace.

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