Tesla Inventions: Tesla: Priority Discussions on the Invention of the Laser and Particle Beam Weapons Star Wars: An Early History Paperback

by Ven

This is a scholar-written discussion by Marc J. Siefer of Tesla, Laser Technology, Particle Beams and the foundations of the programs often referred to as Star Wars type initiatives at the earliest stages of history.

These types of technology are considered to be potentially useful today for everything from knocking out satellites, to saving us from nuclear missiles, to interstellar space combat. Siefer explores some of the earliest thoughts on this subject matter as set forth in the works of Nikola Tesla.

Learn how Tesla predicted the future and created inventions of his mind that were way before his time. Unfortunately for Tesla, he was so far ahead for his time that he faced many barriers to convincing others of the efficacy of some of his theories and had a difficult time commercializing them.

Imagine the secrets Tesla would unlock today if he were able to work alongside others in our information rich society.

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